Asian Fusion

A culinary exploration of Asia’s diverse food landscape, 1618 Asian Fusion serves affordable, high-quality fusion in a unique, thoughtfully designed space. Asian Food In Austin, TX

The dining room & patio now open.

Asia’s Diverse Food

1618 Asian Fusion is a first-of-its-kind locally owned and operated family restaurant created with an exciting vision by Kevin Le and Lynn Tran. We delight in providing a culinary exploration of Asia’s diverse food landscape. 1618 Asian Fusion serves high-quality fusion and fine-casual service in a unique and thoughtfully designed space.

Focusing on the bright, bold, diverse flavors of Asia, 1618’s menu spans the continent – offering diners a taste of Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Singaporean, and Southeast Asian food in our own fusion style. Boasting a calming Zen-like environment, the 6,000 square-foot space features wood elements, live greenery, and clean lines creating a minimalist, stylish dining room that exudes a comfortable yet elegant feel.

Call 512-462-9999 for Curbside pick-up on the arrival.*
Asian Food

Our Diverse Menu

Lamb Chop

Tofu Sate

Matcha Salad

Tropical Asian, Secretini

Thai Shrimp

Crispy Red Fish


Asia’s diverse food landscape

1618 Asian Fusion is located inside the AMLI South Shore Building, 1618 E. Riverside Dr. Austin, TX 78741. Our hours are 10am-9:30pm Sunday-Thursday, and 10am-10:30pm Friday-Saturday. There is a free parking garage directly across from our front door inside the AMLI.


(512) 462 9999

Asian Food
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