Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Singaporean Food in Austin, TX

Austin city is home to the best Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Singaporean foods. Asian Fusion, a family-owned and operated restaurant is committed to providing authentic, fresh, home-style Vietnamese cuisine to the Austin community.

Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Singaporean Food in Austin, TX

Asia’s Diverse Food

We provide our customers with the freshest ingredients reminiscent of the Vietnamese country. From appetizers, noodles, vegetarian desserts, pho, rice, and drinks, you can expect authentic Vietnamese food with every serving.


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Dine-in. Delivery. Pickup. Takeout

Whether you are new to Vietnamese food or you have a favorite, Asian Fusion offers you an experience of a lifetime. All you need is to show up and allow us to offer you services that will keep you coming back for more!
And when you are too busy to dine-in, call us for the best delivery, pickup, and takeout services in Austin.

Freshly Made Food Every Day

No matter your food choices, Asian Fusion offers you food made fresh from start to finish. Our professional chefs are always happy to offer you great-tasting food no matter your choice from our diverse menu.
And to make your stay comfortable, we offer FREE parking right across our front door!

Asian Fusion

Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food is not only distinct but also unforgettable. And at Asian Fusion, we use fresh herbs, nuoc mam sauce, kalamasi/ tamarind fruit juice, chili pepper, and cane sugar to achieve that distinct flavor.
Don’t worry about too much spice as we always serve our chili sauces separately. And to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a diverse menu including barbecued pork, steamy pho, rich peanut sauces, and more. Also, for all your lunchtime snacks, Asian Fusion offers you the tastiest Vietnamese cuisine in all of Austin, Texas.

Thai food

To have the best of Thai food, you don’t have to travel to Thai thanks to Asian Fusion Restaurant in Austin, TX. Out authentic Thai delicacies are made using handpicked freshest ingredients so we can satisfy your taste buds.
From our crispy trout, amazing rice salad, to our popular soft shell crap, we have all your favorite Thai foods.

Singaporean Food

Asian Fusion offers you a diverse menu of authentic Singaporean delicacies in a calming, friendly environment. Just like the multi-ethnic Singapore society, our Singaporean food comprises an excellent combination of exciting culinary heritage.
This way, you’ll enjoy rich, unique, dynamic flavors whether you prefer to dine in or order takeout.
To see the available Singaporean food at Asian Fusion, check out our dinner, lunch, delivery, and takeout menus.

asian Food


Our Specialties

• Vietnamese Food
• Thai food
• Chinese Food
• Singaporean Food
• Lamb Chops
• Tofu Food

Best Lamb Chops

Are you searching for the most delicious lamb chops in Austin, Texas? Come to Asian Fusion where you’ll be blown away by lots of delicious foods!
Being a family-owned and operated restaurant, you’ll enjoy super-friendly services that will make you feel appreciated.
Our lamb chops are cooked to perfection and are so juicy, flavorful, and tender! And to top up your meat, you can order our special chimichurri sauce which will make the meat taste even better.
And after eating the best lamb chops, order your favorite drink, cocktail, or wine as you enjoy the live music!

Tofu Food

Asian Fusion offers you the best tofu/chicken satay and tofu spring rolls
Whether you prefer meatless tofu satay, chicken satay, or tofu spring rolls, you’ll find them so tasty that you’ll want to order again and again. We offer super healthy, Thai-inspired tofu food for both meat lovers and vegetarians.
Whether you prefer to dine in, takeout, or delivery, Asian Fusion restaurant focuses on flavor, health benefits, generous portions, and food quality.

Takeout Delivery Dine In

With Asian Fusion, you’ll never miss breakfast, lunch, or dinner thanks to our delivery and takeout services. We also offer pickup services so you can always have something to eat at home, on the go, or office.

And because we maintain consistency in food quality, you can expect the same great-tasting Thai food every time you dine in, order take out, or request delivery services.

From egg rolls, mango sticky rice, tommy shrimp, to our delicious boat noodle soup, we have lots of tasty options for you.