Best Asian Foods in Austin, Texas

Whenever you make a drive to Austin, Texas, you’ll get a chance to satiate your craving with flavorful Asian cuisine at Asian Fusion. Here, you’ll enjoy freshly made, generous portions at affordable prices so you can enjoy with your whole family.

Best Asian Foods in Austin, Texas

Asia’s Diverse Food

Locally owned and operated, you’ll get impressed from the moment you walk into Asian Fusion. Whether you prefer dine-in or takeout, you can expect truly authentic, diverse flavors from the Asian continent.
Not forgetting that all Asian food coming from our kitchen is exceptionally crafted from the highest quality ingredients.


10 A.M – 10 P.M


10 A.M. TO 11 P.M.
9 A.M TO 11 P.M.
9 A.M TO 10 P.M.

Call 512-462-9999 for Curbside pick-up on the arrival.*


Takeout, Carryout, Delivery

With Asian Fusion, you’ll never miss your favorite Southeast Asian Cuisine no matter your location in Austine, TX. We offer pickup, curbside, and delivery services for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Not forgetting that you can always use UBER eats to order food and enjoy fast delivery for top-quality Asian food.

Fresh, Mouth-Watering, Made Fresh Every Day

With Asian Fusion, every recipe is passed down for generations and endowed with modern twists. We carefully craft our meals to satisfy your taste buds using freshly sourced ingredients.
Whenever you crave quick, healthy delicious meals, Asian Fusion is the place to go. Our focus is to offer you dynamic Asian flavors in a modern, responsible way while giving special attention to your budget and schedules.
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Happy Hour

Want a taste of our happy hour drink specials and food deals? Asian Fusion offers all your favorite cocktails, drinks, and wine. Not forgetting the soothing live music from your favorite band to keep you in the mood!
Need Help with Choosing the Best Asian Food?
Our friendly and professional service team is available to help! So, call us for takeout or drop by for a taste of freshly-made Asian delicacies.

Asian Patio

Being one of the best Asian family restaurants in Austin, TX, Asian Fusion, not only serves delicious foods but generous portions at affordable prices. And to help you enjoy more, our streetside Asian patio is now open so you can enjoy your romantic dinner or lunch.
And besides our hospitality, the lush greenery, calming environment, and perfect lines will give you that elegant feel.

Cocktails, Drinks, Wine

Whether you presser a perfectly prepared glass of wine, deliciously made cocktail, or your favorite wine, we have it all at Asian Fusion. From margaritas, martini, to wine, and more, your glass will never be empty.
To taste our amazing selection of finest beer, cocktails, and all your favorite drinks, visit our Asian Fusion restaurant today.
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Which is the Best Asian Food Near Me?

With too many amazing Asian food options in Austin, picking the best can be hard. But not anymore…

Asian Fusion offers you the most amazing selection of Asian delicacies for your whole family. From matcha salad, tropical Asian, secretini, Thai shrimp, to the crispy red fish, we have them all.

We have all your favorite mouthwatering meats coupled with Thai papaya salads, wonton soup, chicken yellow curry, and more!
Not forgetting the FREE parking right across our front door!
So, don’t wait. Drop by at Asian Fusion today for a taste of the best Asian food in Austin, TX. You can also order takeout, carryout, or request delivery services to any location in Austin.

Live Music

Are you searching for the perfect spot for live music, mouth-watering Southeast Asian Cuisine, and excellent services?
Welcome to Asian Fusion eatery!
As you enjoy great-tasting Asian food on the patio, the live music from your favorite artist will take all the stress away. You will love every moment of your night with an amazing band or a top DJ keeping you entertained until midnight.
And because once is never enough, you’ll keep coming back for the best Asian food, amazing live music, and great vibes!

Happy Hour

At Asian Fusion, we offer you the best happy hour spot in Austin, Texas. With diverse live bands, every rolling craft beer, breathtaking patio, and amazing food, you can expect the best happy hour.
And if you want to listen to the mix of your favorite DJ, we got you covered! As you relax under the umbrella in our Asian patio, we’ll keep you entertained and satiated thanks to our drink specials and freshly made Southeast Asian cuisine.

Takeout, Carryout, Delivery Services

At times, you enjoy food better when you eat it at home. Asian Fusion offers you takeout, carryout, and delivery services so you can drop by, make your order, and carry your food home.
And when you are too busy to drop by, simply call us, make your order and we’ll deliver via Uber Eats!
Whether you prefer sushi rolls, rice bowls, lamb chops, or Tofu Sate, we have it all and so much more. So whenever you feel like eating Asian food, call our Asian family restaurant and we’ll deliver to your doorstep.