2021 Asian Food in Austin, TX

If you are a lover of Asian cuisine, you have probably traveled back and forth to taste the best of the Asian continent.

2021 Asian Food in Austin, TX

Asia’s Diverse Food

If you are a lover of Asian cuisine, you have probably traveled back and forth to taste the best of the Asian continent. But with so many cuisines to choose from, it is possible you are yet to try all dishes.
Well, if you love culinary adventure, Asiahas a lot to offer. Here are the top Asian foods you should try:


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Dim Sum

Dim Sum comprises steaming vegetables, scattered stamps, and an arrangement of little places which make up a satiating meal. To complete the meal, there are pots of delicious hot tea.
If this is your first time taking dim sums, making the right choice can be overwhelming. 15 to 20 options on your menu is, indeed, a hard choice to make!
To help you out, here is a review of some popular dim sum options at Asian Fusion:

Bo LohBao

This bready roll derives its name from the crisscrossing pattern on the sugar crust which looks like a pineapple. These dim sums are filled with delicious egg yolk custards which makes them the perfect accompaniment for your hot tea.

Char Sui So

Just like char siubao, Char Siu So comprises tasty barbecue pork. However, instead of baked/steamed buns, the meat is enclosed with flaky, buttery pastry decorated using sesame seeds.

Cheung Fun

Cheung fun is made using large rice noodles enveloping a selection of fillings that are steamed. Depending on your preference, Cheung fun stuffing can be pork, veggies, or shrimp that is then dipped in soy sauce.

Dan Tat

Dan tats are made using a flaky pastry or egg yolks as the base. These dim sums are bake until they appear smooth yet firm.

Fried Taro Dumplings

To make fried taro dumplings, taro, which is a root vegetable is mashed then filled with pork mixture and mushrooms. Though with a flakier but lighter exterior, these dim sums are similar to Cuban potato balls.

Ha Gow

Ha gow is made using shrimp dumplings enclosed in semi-transparent skin. The shrimps are usually mixed with finely ground bamboo shoots, white pepper, and scallions.



Your breakfast, which is an important meal for the day should not only be tasty but also healthy and satiating. And there’s no better option than going the Asian brunch way when searching for the best brunch in Austin.
Here are some amazing Asian Brunches you can choose from:

Vietnamese Cao Lau Noodles

Made using crispy pork, Vietnamese Cao Lau noodles are not only delicious but satiating. With this, you’ll have a great start to your day and do more before feeling hungry again.

Chicken Congee

Also called rice porridge, chicken congee is made using soy sauce topping, chili paste, crackers, spring onions, as well as chicken intestines.

Flatbread with Puddings

When taking flatbread with pudding, you’ll have a taste of a harmonious sweet and salty thanks to the combination of deep-fried bread and semolina pudding.

Rice Cakes

Made using molasses plus rice crumbs, rice cakes usually have fruits, nuts, or other sugary fillings. And depending on your preference, you can choose fried, steamed, or baked rice cakes for your brunch.

Japanese Natto with Rice

Hated and loved in equal measure, Japanese natto with rice is made using fermented soybeans making it stinky. But like the Japanese people, once you get used to it, you’ll make it your first brunch choice every morning!

Pho Brisket & Filet Mignon

Made using filet mignon, noodles, veggies, and well-cooked brisket, pho brisket & filet mignon is an excellent beef noodle soup full of an unforgettable aroma.

Pho Oxtail

Whenever you need something satisfying, yet light, choose pho at Asian Fusion. Pho oxtail is slow-cooked using oxtails until the meat comes off the bones. To spice it up, pho oxtail is combined with onions and different spices including cardamom pods, ginger, fennel seeds, and more.

Pho Filet Mignon

Pho filet mignon makes one of the most favorite beef noodle soups in Austin, TX. The soup is made using filet mignon, braised beef, rice noodles, and beef broth.
And because we use quality products at Asian Fusion, you can expect delicious, healthy food.

Pho Shrimp

Pho shrimp comprises very hot chicken broth, lime juice, shrimp, and cilantro. Whether it’s during summer or winter, this Vietnamese beef broth with shrimp makes a perfect choice


Noodle Soup

Whenever you need some quick fix yet incredibly delicious noodle soup, come to Asian Fusion. The soup is made using noodles, veggies, and proteins.
Being a low-calorie diet, this is an ideal choice for people on a diet.
There you have it! Now you know what to order every time you want into your favorite Asian restaurant. And if you still need help with choosing the best 2021 Asian food in Austin, the professional team at Asian Fusion is always at your service.



As one of the most popular Vietnamese traditional foods, pho has a satiating look that makes you want to keep eating.

Pho Chicken

Chicken Pho is made using chicken pieces infused with spice-filled flavors and can be termed as the chicken version of the popular beef pho. Every time you order it at Asian Fusion, you’ll want to keep eating more and more!